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Basic tips for caring for cat eyes

Tips for caring for your cat's eyes

Tips for caring for your cat's eyes

Cat eyes are often used in horror movies. But if you are a pet owner, you know that a cat's look is the opposite of what is shown in the movies. This is why you should know the importance of caring for cat eyes.

How do cats say: I love youHow do cats say these words? Through their eyes of course. That's why you shouldn't be afraid of this look.

How does it work?

First, the cat looks at you for a long time. Then it flashed slowly. Some people think it is a kiss and others consider it a wink from a cat. But you can also say that this is how your cat tells you that he loves you.

But how do we return the favor?

Easy, just follow your cat's example. Look at it for a long time and flash slowly. do you see? Aesthetic cat eyes can be used as elements of romantic movies.
The opposite of what is rumored is not for cats' third eye. The incredible horror movies you see. Cats have no third eye. Seeing them is really better than seeing humans. Instead of the third eye, cats have a third eyelid. This is called a turbulent membrane.
This inner eyelid protects the cat's eyes from damage and dryness. You will notice that when a cat is sick, this membrane closes somewhat. This should make you call the vet or bring your cat home quickly. 
But this third eyelid will also be visible when the cat is happy. So, you will know your cat's mood just by looking at the membrane.

Notice the size of the pupil in the cat's eye

The cat's pupil should also be noticed. Pupillary resonance can be a sign of inflammation. It can also be a sign of a type of neurological disorder called Horner syndrome. Or worse, it can also indicate tumors or injuries to the central nervous system.

Night vision of cats

Do not believe what others say that cats are blind. They see each other. They may not see clearly like humans, but it is not as if they do not see any color.
Cats can be seen clearly from a distance. It's very different from people who find it unclear to look at things very close to them.
Yes, cats have night vision. But they cannot see in complete darkness. Do you see the iris muscles surrounding their eyes? It is constructed in such a way that it shrinks to a vertical incision when exposed to bright light. It opens entirely when the verbs are in somewhat dim light.
This property can be restored to cats. They can use it to catch food overnight if they are left outside in the woods or if they have no one to care for them.
So, forget about horror movies. You already have chills. It is not time to make an effort to care for cat eyes. Don't let something get worse. Call your veterinarian immediately when something goes wrong. She does not want to lose his sight or even lose his life. It is always better to be safe than to be blind.

Take care of your cat's eyes

Whether you have a cat with laser eyes, magnetic or witch, they are undoubtedly essential organs because sight is one of its most complex senses. To take care of this, it is necessary to use eye care solutions designed exclusively for veterinary use.

 Eye solutions developed for cats

Various cat eye care groups offer products specifically designed to clean or soothe the eyes of your pet. Whether in the form of eye cleansers, physiological serums, or a soothing lotion, cat solutions have a formula close to your cat's tears to respect the pH and keep her sensitive eyes designed for:
  • Prevent and combat infections such as conjunctivitis cat.
  • Restore the physiological balance of the eye.
  • Promote good eye hygiene by eliminating dust and dirt in the eye and its surroundings.

When to use eye care for cats?

Cat eyes are somehow self-cleaning and have a natural balance that allows them to fight infection. But it may happen that your pet needs the care to help him find healthy eyes and an energetic look.

In the case of conjunctivitis

Like us, cats are at risk of conjunctivitis. The latter is caused by irritation or an infectious agent and can affect one or both eyes. Conjunctivitis causes eye secretions that may contain pus and the eyelids of a cat that has difficulty opening its eyes. To relieve your pet, it is recommended that you use cat eye drops to clean the affected eye, as well as an eye solution for germs in case of infection.

Colds in cats

Colds are a viral disease that affects the respiratory system. It results in symptoms of a common cold in humans, including sneezing, coughing, and runny nose and eyes.
When it dries up, the secretions of tears form crusts in which bacteria develop. To prevent the spread of infection during a cold, it is important to clean the cat's eye regularly.

How to clean and care for cat eyes?

Cleaning your cat's eyes involves some precautions. Here, step-by-step, the procedure to follow to provide good hygiene for your cat:
  • Wash your hands thoroughly before handling.
  • Cripple the cat by holding it firmly, but not brutally, on the skin of the neck. Get help if your cat is particularly disturbed.
  • Pass a dry substance over his eyes to remove scales and other deposits from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner.
  • Wipe eyes and their features with the pressure dipped in a cleaning solution, and remember to change the pressure when changing the eye.
  • Dry the eye area of ​​your animal by gently touching it with a piece of absorbent paper. 

How to choose eye care for cats?

There is a wide range of cat's eye products, with very different formulas and shapes. From a simple cleansing lotion to soothing care, find the right solution for your little friend's needs.
To maintain your cat's vision and to ensure optimal eye health, you'll find preventive ophthalmic solutions, specially designed to meet the needs of kittens: Softening eye gel, preventive or cataract eye drops serum for physiological protection of the cornea, and it is up to you to determine your cat's needs and technology Diem personal care for him.
Eye care for cats, developed to clean and care for your little one's eyes, comes in many different formulas. You will surely find those that will cater to the special needs of your precious cat!

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