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What Cats Hate | How to avoid them

what cats hate

What do cats hate? A crucial question to understand. is to maintain your cat's peace and quiet and ensure you create the strongest possible relationship with your animal companion and also understand their behavior. Here are some things you can avoid doing that are known to irritate cats.

 Cats hate a dirty litter box

 The first thing that cats hate is a dirty litter box. The idea of a litter box has only been around for a  relatively short amount of time. Before that, cats were going all over their territory and they would poop where they wanted to poop and they would pee to mark certain areas.  They would bury if they felt like it or not if they wanted to alert other predators like you don't want to be around here right about now.

Then we just squeeze them into a  smaller and smaller space inside our homes. And then we said this here is a box and you will go right here and only here. Then we're like, you know what? I'm too lazy to scoop the box this week. I'll be back on Tuesday. No, it doesn't work that way. They have done us a favor.  We got to do them a favor back and make sure that those boxes are scooped every single day. 

 Do your cats a favor,  scoop their litter boxes on a continual basis,  make sure it's clean in there, make sure that they've got enough room in there to go in, turn around and not have to dodge cat poop-shaped bullets in order to just eliminate the next day that cats don't like. 

Smells that cats hate

Cats hate really strong smells. Really the most important senses for cats, not so much their eyes,  much more so their nose and their ears saw their nose is concerned. That human-to-cat comparison. So humans have about five million olfactory receptors in their noses.  That's the thing that detects smell between  20 to 80 to 200 million olfactory scent receptors in a cat's nose.

 So when we present them with really strong smells and including vinegar, onion,  garlic, citrus, menthol, different types of mint gasoline, really just overwhelming smell smells that to us fill our noses. It is simple to understand that this activates a cat's scent sensors. That's why I'm pleading with you not to purchase perfumed kitty litter. Most cats find it repulsive.

 Cats hate noise

 Loud noises analysis shows that cats have one of the largest ranges of hearing of any land mammal.  Whereas humans and cats can hear about the same in the low end of the spectrum, about 20 herses. Once you get to the top end, the difference is vast. We top out at about 20000 hertz, cats about  65000. So once you have those high whining noises,  fire engines, smoke alarms, and loud music, a lot of the times because of the overtones involved in that, cats are incredibly sensitive hearers.

 Their natural prey like mice and crickets, et cetera, are so small. And the sounds they make are so high-pitched that they evolved in order to better hear their prey. So just be aware of the fact that cats have an incredibly sensitive set of ears and we just have to be maybe a little more aware than we're being.

 Cats hate change

 Cats are slaves to routine. And if we mess up that routine, your cats will some way or another let you know if suddenly and this is an important one.  You guys go away for a two, or three-day vacation. You leave an automatic feeder and some water out for your cats and you're like cats are self-sufficient. Not so much from the moment that humans wake up and the energy of our day of waking up and then maybe we go away to work and then we come home and up it goes again.

And then we come down and then up we go again, go to bed and everything that comes in between and their meals and the sunlight and all of that. And if we just messed that up for a couple of days. We got back. We were gone for just two days and the place was just wrecked or we couldn't find the cat and he was under the bed. It's just a reaction to chaos. It's just  I'm not saying that you have to like live every day like a robot, like a day before.

 It's time to get up for the sake of the cats. It's just when that whole world explodes to some degree or another, then we're bound to have some issues. So. Chaos disorder,  unorganized time. Well, how else can I put this?

 Cats hate cold

 Cats hate cold, their body temperature actually runs higher than we do. That's regular for us. They derive from desert animals,  their ancestors. The raw cats were first found in the desert. So they are used to higher temperatures and they seek out those warm temperatures, especially in the winter.

Even on those short days where the sun only makes an appearance for five or six hours,  your cats are sure to find that sun in some window in your house and sit right underneath that sunny spot on top of the TV, on top of your computer monitor, on top of anything that generates heat.

 You're bound to find a cat there at some point or another. I mean, fortunately,  cats are really good at creating the heat around them, conducting their own body heat, and creating a little shield around them, which is why you'll see them sleep in those little tight donuts,  you know, where they just curl into themselves.

 This is the reason cats like boxes or other small spaces, it's partly because when they get into those boxes, there are small spaces. They can control their body heat and it warms them all around just by stepping into this box. They don't sweat as we do. They don't have sweat glands everywhere. 

 Cats hate dogs

 Cats hate dogs, and if you think about what cats don't like in dogs, it comes down to circumstances. I mean,  cats really are if you think about cats really being control freaks. Dogs represent that lack of control. A  dog will just go up to a cat and just suddenly start smelling their butt as if that's fine, you know,  just looking at them while they're using a litter box. And they think that's fine.

 And really the thing that makes the cat craziest about the dogs is that they just don't have that personal bubble with them. They're just always up in the grill.  They're always trying to steal sleeping spots and that kind of thing. And they just move at a very different speed to a certain degree, kind of an irritating slash,  scary speed if they're introduced properly.

 If we introduce a cat to a dog and the dog can actually sit and stay while the catwalks around the room a little bit. That's respect. That's territorial respect. And I think if there's really one element that cats really don't like about dogs, it's that lack of territorial respect.

 Do cats hate riding in cars?  

 Cats do not like cars very much. The cat despises the car, but not the car itself. There's a double whammy here. Number one,  we've talked about how cats do not like being out of control. You can't get more out of control than being in a carrier inside of a moving vehicle that's sort of going all over the place and making sounds and whatever, and they're trapped in that box.

 So that makes sense, really. I mean, strange smells, strange visuals, lots of noise,  chaos as far as they're concerned. I just hit on a whole bunch of my other points about what cats hate, and it's all wrapped up in the car experience.

 And here's the kicker, is that most of the time when a cat gets in the car where they go in, they go to the vet. So that all adds up to a bad time if we expose our cats when they're really young to going for car rides, knowing that it ends in good things, having it repeat over and over again, they will learn that it's not terrible. 

So that's why I love especially cats who are now adventure cats, cats who go in backpacks. If they go on walks and they go out into the park and whatever, they still have to go in the car usually to get to that spot.

Cats hate being put in costumes

Cats hate being put in costumes, Dressing your cat is not something that's fun for your cat,  because, again, it's about lack of control. They don't like it because the feeling of something around their body that they can't get rid of is not something cats are crazy about. Again, it's about lack of control.  It's about the loss of control, control of their own body being fight or flight animals.

You know, anything that constricts them in any way where they can't make decisions based on their own well-being. You can extrapolate based on thinking about the raw cat,  what cats would not like now. 

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