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Signs Your Cat Loves You

Signs Your Cat Loves You

Signs Your Cat Loves You: The Telltale Signs Your Feline Friend Might Be Madly In Love With You

If you’re wondering whether your cat might love you, keep an eye out for these telltale signs your feline friend might be madly in love with you. Here are the 10 signs your cat loves you most of all.

5 Behaviors

Cats are not known for their ability to express affection verbally. When they do show us affection, though, it’s unmistakable. We’ve compiled a list of signs your cat might be crazy about you, showing how cats say I love you to their owners. Read on to learn more about how your kitty may be desperately trying to share his or her love with you.

He Cuddles with You Regularly

It’s true that cats, like humans, get into a pattern of behavior when they’re comfortable with someone. If your cat snuggles up next to you or wraps himself around your legs while you work on a project, there's a good chance he’s content in his environment and feels safe and secure with you. As long as you don't disturb him, he'll likely keep cuddling up until he decides it's time to move on with his day. A cat who purrs and snuggles is sending love your way whether or not he licks your face from time to time.

He Follows You Around Everywhere

As a human, you might get annoyed when your pet won’t leave you alone and chases after you all day. But cats use pheromones to mark their territory and make it clear to other animals (and people) that it belongs to them. Think of a cat’s scent marking as its way of saying This is mine; keep out! If your cat is following you around everywhere and not paying any attention to other people or animals, it might be trying to tell you that it loves you so much that it won’t even let anyone else get close.

He Is Gentle When Handling Him

Your cat might not be a big fan of being picked up and moved around, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. A healthy kitty will let you pet him, even if his motor is still running and he's purring wildly. This behavior says a lot about how he feels about you. When it comes to cuddling, your cat will get as close to you as possible without getting too personal—so make sure you give your furry friend plenty of snuggles!

He Likes To be Pampered

Cats aren’t like dogs. They don’t slobber all over you or shower you with affection. But they do have a way of showing that they love you if you know what to look for. Caring for your cat is an important part of showing him just how much he means to you; after all, who else will take out his litter box? So, next time your cat gives you that special kitty meow or comes in for a rub on your leg (or arm), don’t think that it's just a request—it might actually be a sign of love! Read on to learn 10 signs your cat loves you—and how to tell if your cat wants more love and attention.

He Tries to Get Close to You Whenever He Can

If your cat is always trying to sit on your lap or as close to you as possible, it’s likely a sign he loves you. Think about how cats behave when they are feeling affectionate—they try to get closer and rub up against us. For example, if your cat is happy to spend time with you but avoids contact whenever possible, that might be a sign that he doesn’t love you. That said, cats tend to give mixed signals when it comes to affection, so just keep an eye out for other signs of love below!

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