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Pet News

14 Things Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You

This is what your cat is trying to tell you

This is what your cat is trying to tell you

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the United States, which is unsurprising. From their gorgeous charms to their astute personalities, they have everything going for them. But what if your cat wanted to tell you something important? Here are things your cat might want you to know, right from the cat's mouth!

However, those strange actions are sometimes a cat's way of communicating. Here are emotions that your cat is attempting to communicate, as well as the signals that pet owners should look for when watching their feline pets.

19 Things Your Cat Is Trying To Tell You

1. I like being outside, but I'll live longer if you keep me inside

The outdoors appears to be more akin to where I grew up, with a wealth of wonders to explore and stalk. However, it is not the best place for me to live. Did you realize that I only have a 2-5 year lifetime when I'm outside? That was a little too brief! If you keep me indoors in the warmth and care of your home, I can live to be 17 years old! That's nearly 15 years of extra special hugs and kisses from me, all for you.

2. I just meow for you; I don't meow for other cats

Cats do not need to meow at other cats, save from the occasional hissing episodes we have when we feel threatened. Only humans are capable of making us meow! When we're kittens, we meow to let our mothers know we need food or a little more comfort.

I just meow for you; I don't meow for other cats

 As adults, we don't need to meow unless we need to communicate with you, such as when we're hungry, want to greet you, or if anything is wrong. And the more you communicate with us, the more communication we will have with you!

3. Please give me more than just dry cat food

I'm not just a tiger in disguise... I need to eat like one, too! As a cat, remember that I am a carnivore, which means I need a meat diet. Of course, I like to eat dry food during the day, but this isn't the healthiest diet. My wet-food-eating canine pals are more prone to obesity and diabetes than I am.

4. Because I become bored, I'd like you to spend some quality time with me now and then

Not only that, but I apologize if you have to leave for work! I adore being in the company of others. If I don't have a sister or sibling to play with, I crave companionship even more. When you go home, please don't just play on your phones or watch TV. Play with my senses and spend some time with me! 

Play with me with some cat toys to give me some exercise while also allowing us — just human and cat — to bond. Not only will I love you for it, but it will also exhaust me to the point that I'll be ready for bed.

5. Spending time with me can help you relax and reduce your risk of a heart attack or stroke

Did you know that owning me lowers your risk of stroke by one-third? Yes, you are accurate. Through the vibrations of my purrs, my sweet little furry spirit may help you rest and unwind, as well as heal you.

what is my cat trying to tell me

6. Please don't scold me for scratching; I don't have any other option!

You don't see me scratching at your couch because I want to damage it. All I need is a comfortable place to stretch my toes and claws! I have to remove my outer claw layers when they become old and fragile. I scratch to leave claw marks and climb to claim my territory. 

Please don't take it personally; it's simply my gut feeling! Investing in some scratching trees or posts is a great way to get started. This way, I know I'll always have a secure place to stretch and scratch.

7. I'm in desperate need of a break Cats enjoy hiding, especially when they are in danger. It also provides them with a safe and serene haven away from the chaos of their human housemates. Allow them to hide in a variety of places, such as boxes, covered carriers, or a beloved closet full of blankets.

Extra Large Multi Tier Scratching Post with Scratch Posts
Multi-level cat scratching post

8. Raise my status

Cats prefer high perches because they can readily monitor their surroundings. It offers them a sense of security and control over their territory. Make some vertical areas for your cat in your home. Your pet will be grateful!

9. I need space just for myself because other cats are bothering me

One strategy to decrease violent cat-to-cat encounters is to provide various, separate food dishes, feeding locations, and litter boxes. Separate eating and toilet places help every cat in the house (and you).

10. Just because I'm purring doesn't necessarily imply I'm content

Purring might indicate contentment, but it can also indicate that your cat is in discomfort, scared, or simply attempting to trick you into feeding him.

Purring, on the other hand, might signify a number of interior states. When your cat purrs, pay attention to its body language; small cues like posture and tension can help you comprehend your cat and its overall mood.

Cat Behavior What Does Your Cat Want

Signs That Prove Your Cat Loves You More Than Anything

11. Cats have a lot of attention and affection to keep them coming back

Allow a cat to approach you and show its want for attention. Jumping in your lap, purring, or rubbing up against you are all examples of these signals. Some cats are content to simply sit next to you. Cats, like people, require different levels of attention, and they'll let you know how much you need to keep them happy.

Self-cleaning cat litter box
Self-cleaning cat litter box

12. I need the toilet

Cats require bathroom facilities that they prefer: several, spacious, uncovered litter boxes with unscented, clumping litter are typically the best option. Place boxes in areas where your cat may easily access them, and clean them on a daily basis.

If you have numerous cats, pay special attention to the number, location, and cleanliness of the boxes. Finally, if your cat's litter box habits have changed, consult your veterinarian.

13. The litter box scenario irritates me

If you see that I have peed or pooped on the outside of the litter box, it could be a sign that I am unhappy with something about my current litter box configuration, such as the position. This behavior could also signal that there is too much litter box competition or that I am stressed out.

14. I have an exciting vision

Cats eyes are very sensitive and can see the ultraviolet spectrum. Their enhanced vision allows them to detect images and patterns that humans cannot. This brings it to life in an exciting world of color.

She is bored and craves attention, especially affection

Cats show their worship in various ways. She often confesses her feelings to you. It is an understatement to say that they are comfortable around you.
Cats have varied tastes due to their intelligence and sensitivity. Most of the time, your cat enjoys the same things that you do:
  • Delicious cuisine.
  • Long naps in relaxing environments.
  • Affection.
  • A plethora of fun activities.

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