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The problem of bites and scratches!

The problem of bites and scratches!

You often experience this problem with your cat. You can sit in the living room and consult your smartphone or watch TV, your cat arrives, bites your legs and escapes.

It may be jealousy or a way to get your attention, but it may not be the reason. The cat may bite or scratch it is due to pain, hunger or any other similar cause, but if the cause is not behavior, it may be due to poor communication between the owners and the cat.
A sudden bite or scratch can also be caused by a nervous system disorder or other serious illnesses.

You can take a few simple precautions to reduce this bad habit for your cat. Do not play with your legs or arms bare, as this often raises aggressive intentions on the cat and tries to hurt it until it feels around your arms or legs.
It may seem very pleasant when your cat bites his fingers or hands, but you will be in a different position when he repeats it as an adult.
If he continues to act like the other cat while playing, you should also expect him to be bitten or shredded, etc.
Put a bottle of water in your hand, and whenever the cat tries to bite or tear you, spray it with water and you will always know that cats hate water. Do not try to be aggressive with the water, but just give it the impression that each time it bites it is accompanied by an unpleasant feeling of getting wet.

Look for assault warning signals

Cats can be a aggressive in different things and need to understand this aggression in their body language and tone of voice. If she is aggressive you must keep away because if you are going to answer the wrong way, it will also defend itself, which will make it a bad habit to bite and tear it.

Unjustified assault

Your cat may also experience excessive and unwanted aggression. It is not a light bite or scratch on your foot, it will be a serious problem that needs to be treated properly. This may be due to a nervous system failure or other illness, in which case you should seek medical advice immediately.
Never ignore an unjustified attack, and treat it as soon as possible, especially if you have children at home and see your aggressive cat without reason, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Cats that can tear things apart

Cats are wild animals and most are of restless nature. No matter what is their level of training, their animal and wild instinct will never go away.
You should give your cat time to play, this alternative activity will make your cat think that he has something else to do and will use his energy for him instead of breaking things at home.

When to call your veterinarian

The above things can sometimes be unpleasant and can happen several times a month, but if your cat repeats these activities frequently and you have an accident almost every week, you should contact your veterinarian and examine your cat for accidents. 
The most common ones such as those mentioned above can be dangerous and require medical attention as there may be a nervous system failure or other illness that bothers your cat and makes it react aggressively.

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