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Give your feline a pill

Give your feline a pill

Giving a cat a pill is by no means an easy task. No cat wants a plectrum in their throat, and they'll fight tooth and nail to stop it. Although most felines are small, you would be amazed at their power. However, there are several ways your cat can swallow their medication.

The easiest way to give a talking pill is to powder it by putting it between two spoons. Once the pill is in powder form, mix it with wet food. Kittens who are enthusiastic about eating dry food will see wet food as a treat. They will eat it, normally, not knowing they just took their medicine.

If the medicine is in capsule form, simply pull the capsule apart, sprinkle the medicine on wet food, and serve it to your kitten. If the food also contains the pill or your feline is sick, they may not be eating it. If so, you can get handy devices from your vet. These are plastic rods that hold the pill together until you press down on a cylinder, when you have one you should always have a long one with a shank in addition to the softness.
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When you get one, your veterinarian should show you how to use it. In addition to the difficulty of using the gun, how to open your kitten's mouth. The gun will shoot more or less of the pill into the cat's mouth and throat. You will need to squeeze it is next to make the sure it doesn't move. As soon as its mouth is open, you will need to pull the trigger and quickly withdraw the gun. After inserting the pill, wait for make sure your cat swallows it.

If you are not comfortable with the gun, you can always try giving your feline their pills at the base. To do this, you will need to keep your feline still and open your mouth with your principle. Once the mouth is open you should aim at the back of his throat and throw the pill away. You should close her mouth with your primer and keep it closed for a few moments. This way your toddler swallows the pill if he hasn't already done, so.

If none of the above strategies work, you can always go to a pharmacy and have them make a flavored gel or liquid using your cat's medication. However, this should be used as a last resort, as it can be expensive.

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