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Characteristics of the breed of cats: Abyssinian cats

the breed of cats : Abyssinian cats

Abyssinian cats are the friendliest cat breed

Long, slim, and athletic, Abys loves to jump on tables, bookcases, shoulders, and even curtains.
The abys are also very curious cats, found almost all the little ones have chosen an interest.
With their curiosity and energy, Abys is full of affection. Many cat behavior experts believe that Abys is the friendliest breed or type of cat.

The Abyssinian race was named for Abyssinia (a country in Africa known today as Ethiopia) because some people believe it breeds native to Abyssinia. The nickname of this breed is Abys Except for hairless Sphynx cats, all cats have fur coats. Some cats, like the Persian, have very long hair. Abyssinian fur is thick but quite short. The most common characteristic of the Abyssinian is the fur called ticking.

What are the specifics of the Abyssinian cat breed?

Today's Abyssinian can be reddish brown, chocolate, lilac, fawn, or other colors. They have white, or cream chins. Abyssinians have large, almond-shaped golden, or green eyes with dark circles.
They have long legs, small feet, and large ears. Large Abyssinian have their ears arched forward. In competitions, judges look for a thumbprint on the back of the ear.
The Abyssinian cat is one of the 40 feline breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association. Threads whose parents are both of the same breeds are written thoroughbred.
Purebred kittens usually grow up with the same type of fur and body shape as Their parents. Abyssinian kittens aren't the only ones to be curious and playful. Most cats are not purebred. Their parents may have been cats of different breeds.

People who keep purebred cats like that make them predictable. In other words, purebred cats exhibit certain characteristics over and over again. For example, almost all Abyssinians have the same body shape, the same ticking, and the same calm and friendly manners.
Abys and other purebred cats are expensive. For this reason, and for their safety, owners almost always keep them indoors.

What personalities of the Abyssinian cat breed?

No one can guarantee a cat, personality, or household habits. But the appearance and personality of thoroughbreds are easier to predict than those of non-thoroughbreds.
Abyssinians are prone to soft meowing, and loud purring. They are curious and sympathetic. They like other cats. They especially love their owners. They love and demand attention and playtime. Abyssinian love to climb, jump and run.

Due to its popularity among cat lovers, The abysses are not easy to reproduce. They can be hard to find and expensive to buy. Some believe that the breed originated from Egypt or Southeast Asia. Others believe that British cat lovers developed the Abys from British Shorthairs and British Rabbit Cats with plaid coats. In the 1930s, American cat enthusiasts began importing Abyssinians from Britain. Abys is now the fifth most popular breed in North America.
People started raising kittens and wild cats. 4000 years ago, the Egyptians had totally tamed domestic cats. More, however, actual breeds of cats are less numerous at over 150 years of age. People created breeds by selecting parent cats that had certain qualities in them that people liked and wanted to repeat. Two parents with long hair, for example, were likely to produce kittens. By carefully eliminating cat parents, cat lovers managed to create cats of predictable qualities — breeds.

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