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What makes a cat a cat?

What makes a cat a cat

What makes a cat a cat?

 For a large audience of amateurs who not only want to have a cat at home, but also understand it. It is not enough for a modern person to know only breeds, care and food. He wants to know how the cat feels, how he behaves at certain times in his life and why he does it rather than not.

Today, for many people, a cat is not a pet with a set of instincts, but a real character who gives us friendship.
It is a completely different level of relationship between a person and their pet, which reveals the secrets of mutual understanding in an interesting form, and is a real surprise for cat lovers.

Cat identity card

 Cats are beautiful, and graceful, which is not the reason the Egyptians have long started to bring them home, and therefore began to “domesticate” them.
They had to choose the most beautiful cats - maybe they liked those with the brightest lines on their legs, or those with lighter coats - and put them together, to get the offspring with a new or lighter motif.
Cats lived a long time next to people, during this period they had different color mutations, and people immediately noticed all the characteristics and tried to fix them in the offspring.

Of course, the work of breeding cats continues to this day, people are trying to get new colors and new patterns.
Although it was possible to change the length and color of the hair during the reproductive process, the size and proportions of the body did not change practically - there are of course differences between the different breeds, but in general, modern cats do not differ much from their wild ancestors in size - and the largest and smallest are very similar.
This may explain the fact that we did not actively participate in the selection of our strains until recently, only a hundred years ago.

Are cats adaptive?

 In addition, cats are less adaptive than dogs, for example. We all know very well the extreme results obtained in purebred dogs.
Usually these changes are related to the development of a particular function - some dogs are designed to run fast, others for normal hunting and others for wolf hunting.

Interesting information about cats

 Most catting genes are responsible for the physiology of these exceptional animals, and only a small part is related to the color or length of the coat. Our friendship with cats was largely born of his talent for tracking mice, but hunting for mice has lost its importance almost since and besides, we often see the instinct to hunt between cats by default, while other aspects of behavior continue to evolve.

We have not tried to influence what cats do, so, we have not changed them beyond recognition. We haven't tried much to change their behavior and cats of different breeds are still very similar to each other concerning instinct and ability.
The other side of dogs is the Labrador must always look for something in the house and bring it to their owners, while the burrows always dig and throw themselves in anything that moves. Cats around the world are similar and all together, just like their wild ancestors.

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