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Selection of cat food

Selection of cat food

Selection of cat food

Cat food is very important and in fact it is the most important thing after your cat's veterinary care. If your cat has an adequate and balanced diet, he will also make sure that the veterinary zones are also smaller and you can delay these veterinary checks because you will see your cat healthy and active before your eyes.
There are different choices for your big cats, and these choices may contain moderate foods, natural foods, dry foods and other similar categories.

Canned food or kibble

Canned food or kibble Research has shown that if you stick to one type of food, it is not very healthy for your cat's food needs because it needs a variety of foods to eat. You should add dry and canned food to your cat's diet.
Dry food is handy and you can store it in an emergency while moderate food contains water and felines drink less water and monitoring food can help them overcome this water deficiency.

Cats can also develop certain allergies under different types of food. This happens very rarely, but be careful because these allergies can sometimes be dangerous. To avoid food addiction, you need to change the brands and flavors of food, because food addiction is also bad and can make the cat lazy and dependent on a single flavor or type of food.

Don't look for cheaper brands

If you have money with you, stop looking for the cheapest brands of cat food and discounted offers for cat food, as this can be a bad investment in the long run.
Most of the time you will find that cheaper foods come with less expiration and if you buy them in bulk they will be wasted.
Meanwhile, the cheapest brands will also be of inferior quality, and they can make your cat sick and the amount you spend to bring your cat to the vet will be the same as a quality and expensive brand. What to Avoid for Cat Food There are certain things and labels that you should always avoid buying cat food.

These labels may say "meat and / or bone meal" or "added sugars" and these labels should always be avoided as cats cannot digest most of these things. Avoid all foods, including chemical preservatives such as BHA (butyl-hydroxy-anisole), BHT (butyl-hydroxy-toluene), ethoxyquin and propyl gallate, should also be avoided strictly as they are not also not very healthy for cat health.

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