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How to train a cat?

How to train a cat?

How to train a cat?
 Cats are considered independent pets and if you ask the cat owners, they will simply tell you that cats are straightforward to handle, and that they are not at all demanding.
They are parting of your home very quietly and do not have very specific needs concerning a food and other similar activities.

Cats are much easier to handle than dogs. Cats will not chase you to get your attention all the time like dogs, they prefer to sit in their place in silence and will wait for you to come home to give them a big hug. These characteristics show that cats are very composed, easy-going, and polite creatures that are straightforward to handle.

When it comes to training your cat, things start to get difficult because cats don't pose a lot of behavioral problems, and even if they do sometimes exist, they can be solved easily, but once you start training your cat, it will take time and trouble work to get the cat to do what you want it to do.

Changing basic lifestyles of cats

 Cats can be trained but only in feline terms. You can't force the cat to do things for you, you have to see the world of a cat in perspective if you really train your cat.
Understanding of the behavior of the cat is very important and unlike dogs, they have much less intelligence, but you can still teach them certain things.

 Add a few ways at your cat's life

You can teach your cat to jump through holes and obey your orders, but it is best to focus on more basic things called manners.Cats are wilder than dogs, and must learn ways and habits. 
They can't learn by just looking at you instead, you have to reach their level to tell them how they should live in your house. Morale is not something your cat will begin to shake your guest's hand, but for moral reasons, he should behave in the normal activities of the cat and should only do acceptable things at home.

 Avoid bad habits

 Some owners do not really care about bad habits of their cats, for example, it can be really cute when your little kitten bites a wrist, or any other object but it will be a different scene when an adult cat bites you with its predatory teeth, at this point you don't need to be shocked because the cat is doing what it learned at the start.
You should carefully observe your cat's habits and tell him to avoid certain habits that are not suited to the order and discipline of your home.

Never encourage behavior you don't want to see in your cat. This is a normal rule of thumb that applies some common sense to your relationship and prevents your cat from doing things that can cause stories in your home.

 Shape your cat's behavior

The easiest way to make your cat an ordinary pet is to shape its behavior, for example, scratching is normal behavior of cats, and they will scratch everything you do, but if you can associate an unpleasant activity with scratching , your cat will think before scratching.

You can try using a spray of water each time your cat tries to scratch or bite a pillow, wallpaper, carpet, or something similar. If you can do it effectively for a while, your cat will know that
whenever this scratching or biting is done. It will be accompanied by a very unpleasant event of getting wet, and it will only be a matter of time when your cat will ignore all kinds of scratches and bites.

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