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How to train your cat to use a pet door

How to train your cat to use a pet door

How to train your cat to use a pet door
Without a doubt, cat lovers who adopt cats want their cats to know how to use the cat flap and to be able to move more freely.
Attaching a cat flap is like attaching a cat to a welcome key.

Place a small bell on a rope hanging from the door. This may allow the cat to play with the rope and ring the bell. This is a great way for you and your cat to get to know the device. Blankets are available in different sizes. The short length may be the perfect length to play with a cat, and it can ring the bell.

The bells can be easily found and purchased in most stores and shopping malls. The rope should be long enough for the cat to reach it without having to jump or open the door for help.
You can place a small amount of catnip on the rope or bell. This will encourage them to play with the bell. Put the catnip in a spray bottle, a scent that can help you remove the cap.

Herbs can help! Many cats are attracted to the smell of certain herbs, such as herbs, catnip, sage and Valerian.
Cats like the smell of these herbs, although there are exceptions.
These herbs are in drop or spray form to put on your cat's toys to speed up her training. This scent will certainly attract a greater tendency to use the cat flap.
Another thing to do is to train the cat to ring the bell. He learns to play the bell. The bell will warn you that your cat is ready to enter.
When you put your cat outside, you can see him when you come in and see how the bell rings. Once this is done correctly, you should congratulate him on his success.

You can find cat doors, and cat entrances in pet stores online or ask your vet where to buy a cat door. Doors are small enough to allow the cat to get in and out if necessary, and to avoid having to help the cat in and out.

Cat plugs can be properly installed on your door or can be used next to your door to mount the wall. This is something you may need to consider before buying a cat door. It is also important to measure the size before you buy.

You will also need to measure the height and width of your cat. Find out how big of an opening you want. When measuring the width, make sure you leave at least a few inches more than the width of the opening. The top of the shoulders are located at the bottom of the back of the front legs, which can provide the appropriate upper part. With different shapes, sizes, decorations and door sizes, searching in the store or online will be a great place to start.

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