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A perfect cat

A perfect cat

A perfect cat

In the past, carnivores lived in groups and communicated with each other through sounds and sensory gestures, and knew the language of aromatherapy.

At first glance, love broke out, at least on the side of the two ships, and so between these different creatures a mature friendship, without jealousy, makes both happy, based on mutual respect, a friendship that the predator retains its independence (and even the right to be friendly with others).

This mutual love story is so good that it seems a bit perfect - how long can such a house stay? However, not only does the relationship last, but it seems to be getting stronger! The person (especially the woman) meets a cat and rejoices again in emotional joy. It's a puzzle that keeps the fire out.

In the past, accepting a passionate love for a pet was unacceptable and not entirely appropriate.

There was a logical reason for people to appreciate dogs, and clearly show their love and sincere concern for them: activities and services provided by dogs.

Cats, on the other hand, did not have such a significant role and were therefore generally considered negligently as a worthless creature. They were only allowed to live near us instead of with us. The expression of soft feelings for a cat, especially on the part of men, seemed rather strange and out of context.

In the Middle Ages, women who were in contact with cats were witches, and the cat that was worshiped to this day was presented as a reckless irony “to replace the mistress of a child who was not.” But times and concepts of life change.

The cat, long considered a second-class creature compared to the dog, who belongs in the best place by the fire, moved slowly from the street to the house, near the fireplace, hugging the dog in his bold arms, and even crawling on a softer pillow for the family's favorite chair! There are now a few more house cats than dogs.

These cats live in 5 million families, with one and a half cat for each family. Dogs often contain only one cat, but in many families they raise a few cats (two or more dogs own about 1/5 of all dogs owners; two or more cats live with one in three cats).

Today, we are no longer ashamed to admit our love and affection for animals. In fact, the old idea of keeping the dog at home and providing other services, but the idea of not living at home but in the cabin, is outdated and satisfies the rejection of modern animal lovers.

Nowadays, the animals are located in the heart of the family center. Today, people who notice that their pets don't hate them are judged! Cats have undoubtedly benefited from this change of opinion, and their adaptability has allowed them to take full advantage of it.

How did the cat manage to make an incredible career in such a short time, from a few interesting flies at his best friend? Cats have changed, have you learned to do something you haven't done before? No, that's not true, but how much mankind has changed!

The cat simply took advantage of the open holes and tested the role it was given in the changes in our way of life, in relation to the world, and this new role came to it in the best possible way.

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